Holistic Massage

Each Massage is tailored to your needs, it could be really deep to really light, really slow to really fast, stretching, loosening, nurturing, connecting, soothing,  energising or structural work.  Whatever your body needs that day.

Holistic massage is the gentle giant of massage, going as deep or as light as you want, using the gentle movement of body weight rather than thumbs hands and pressure.  There is a deep, smooth, power, yet soothing gentleness. I can take the work really deep with no pain at all. 

This massage is focused on the so under-estimated power in the human touch. I work POWERFULLY with the instincts of the body.

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Massage for Mental Health

Touch and Massage is a powerful language that speaks to the whole person.  It can bypass the ‘conscious’ mind to touch the ‘unconscious’ mind.

I use Rocking, Compression, Stroking, Rhythm, Mindfulness, Gentle, Calm, Kindness and the flow of the natural energy of the body.  Using the way, the body and mind works together for good mental health.  This massage builds emotional and mental resilience.

Don’t under-estimate the power of all these tools together, this is the way our bodies were made to work.

Rocking - How a mother will gently rock a crying baby soothing and calming both her and the child.

Pregnancy Massage

Supporting ladies through pregnancy is a privilege, a time when a little help and support goes a long way.  A good massage can relieve painful joints, lift back pain, release pressure, help 

circulation, relax muscles, support bonding, and it is calming and relaxing.

Each massage is tailored to the individual client, focusing on the areas they feel they need support.  Some problems it will relieve immediately, but massage is not just a quick solution to a problem that’s been allowed to get out of control, but part of a process of looking after yourself while pregnant. It is about supporting your body in getting what it needs in a healthy way.

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Vocal Massage

To massage one area of the body, while the rest of the muscles in the body are tight is never going to get the best results! I work on the whole body, and with a little help you will get great results in the area you really want to.

• I look at posture
• Massage the reflexes
• Do detox work
• Release and massage the diaphragm
• I work the back and the chest area
• I work the throat, neck, larynx and facial muscles
• And touch the nervous system

Through compression and release, I massage deep into the organs of the body with no pain, yes, no pain!!! 

Step by step progress for long term results.