To massage one area of the body, while the rest of the muscles in the body are tight is never going to get the best results! I work on the whole body, and with a little help you will get great results in the area you really want to.

• I look at posture
• Massage the flexes
• Do detox work
• Release and massage the diaphragm
• I work the back and the chest area
• I work the throat, neck, larynx and facial muscles
• And touch the nervous system

Through compression and release, I massage deep into the organs of the body with no pain, yes, no pain!!! 

Step by step progress for long term results.

Come and see me Your first Vocal Massage for only £30


Kate Holland Proffessional Singer and Singing Instructor

I highly recommend Cathy’s Vocal Massage. I was having some unexplained difficulties with my voice that was preventing me from singing with ease. Having regular lessons and being a singing teacher myself it started to become apparent there was muscular tension going on around my larynx and other parts of my body which were restricting my voice. Perfecting my technique was not solving the problem like it normally would. I had other forms of vocal massage which didn’t make any difference at all and were quite invasive. Cathy’s full body approach makes a lot of sense and I could feel a difference immediately. I have noticed a huge difference in my voice and my whole body in general since having regular massage. My singing teacher has noticed a big difference and we are able to move forward easier without the excess tension going on. I feel more energised, more relaxed and I am less achy throughout my body. My throat would constantly feel tight and tense throughout the day and this is no longer the case. I will be continuing massage regularly as I can see the results are more lasting this way.

The whole body approach to Vocal Massage