The 8 week course is the best foundation for a life time of mindfulness.  (Details of our next course is at the bottom of this page).  Giving tools and practices to support you through good times and bad.  If you are serious about taking up mindfulness or just experimenting and exploring the possibilities, new or more experienced, the 8 week course is a great course that will support your learning. 

At The Fragrance of Life we follow the MBLC (Mindfulness Based Living Course).  The MBLC is a nationally accredited course run by the Mindfulness Association, and I am qualified and work to National guidelines.

I have no doubt this course will support your learning, and grow your knowledge in a practical way.  It has been an important part of my journey.

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The next 8 week course will be over an internet conferencing system (like group skype).  Live discussions, mediations, and teaching in small groups,  starting on Monday 25th September 2017,  The cost of this course is £140.  Check out the details below, and contact me by email, phone or text.  Please be ready to leave a message, as if I'm in a session I wont be able to answer the phone.  Thank you.