If you book as a regular monthly customer, and pay for your one hour sessions by standing order, I would like to thank you by offering you your sessions at £30 each.  A saving of £12 per session

Full body massage (1hr session)                         £42
Tailored to your needs, from the really deep to the light, really slow to fast, stretching, loosening.  Whatever your body needs that day.
Focus on massage (30 minute session)             £25
Deep or light, fast or slow, stretch or loosen.  What do you want? Foot and leg Head and shoulders Back and shoulders
Colon Treatment (30 min session)                      £25
Working on the major elimination organ of the body, strengthening the walls of the large intestine.  Balancing and regaining health.
Reflex Treatment (30 minutes session)              £25     
Stimulating the reflexes of the foot, affecting the whole body.  Feel the deep power of reflex work, without any pain.
Detox Treatment (40 minutes session)              £30
A powerful treatment combining the reflex and the colon work, stimulates your body's natural instinct to detoxify and cleanse.
Clothed Massage (30 or 60 minute session)   £25 or £42
Can be a full body or a focus on Massage.  You don't need to take your clothes off to receive a deep, powerful, or relaxing massage.

Repletion Massage (60 minute session)                 £42

Many people book this massage because its just right for them.  But this massage is particularly good for people who are ill, or are struggling with low energy levels.  Using a lot of slow still and stop it very gently can lift someone's energy, and support wellness.

Vocal Massage (60 minute session)                         £42
This is the whole body approach to vocal massage, when the whole body is relaxed, with a little help you get results in the areas you want it.  I  work on posture, reflexes, detox work, diaphragm, back, chest, neck, larynx, facial muscles, and nervous system.  Step by step progress for long term results.
Pregnancy Massage (80 minute session)                £45
A full consultation, and time to make sure my client is comfortable.  This is beautiful, relaxing, and practically supports a pregnancy.
Mindfulness Sessions
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One to one    (1hr  session)     £42 or £30 Standing order deal

A one hour session totally tailored to you. 

Small group session with friends or partner 

First person is full price, everyone after that is half price. 

There is a real support in learning in a small group of trusted friends. Sessions tailored to each group.

Cathy is a Nationally Accredited Mindfulness Teacher.  Trained by the Mindfulness Association, a leading training organisation in the UK.