Tailored to your needs, this massage could be really deep or really light, really slow or really fast, stretching, loosening, nurturing, connecting, soothing.  Whatever your body needs that day.

The gentle giant of massage, going as deep or as light as you want, using the gentle movement of body weight rather than thumbs hands and pressure.  There is a deep, smooth, power, yet soothing gentleness.This massage is focused on the so under-estimated power in the human touch.

You can have:

  • A one hour massage - tailored to your needs and preference.

  • A half hour focused massage - focus on your back, or your feet, or shoulders and neck.

  • Colon Massage - A uniquely gentle, and naturopathic massage of your belly - allowing the muscles of this major elimination organ to regain health and balance, naturally.

  • Reflex Massage - Stimulating reflexes on your feet that are as ancient as touch itself - which can affect your whole body.

  • Detox Massage - Trigger your body's own natural detox ability by combining aspects of both the colon and the reflex treatments.

  • Clothed Massage - for public events, but also for the person who, for whatever reason would love a massage, but doesn't feel they want to remove their clothing.

  • Pregnancy Massage - A full consultation, and time to make sure my client is comfortable.  This Massage is beautiful, relaxing, and practically supports a pregnancy.

  • Vocal MassageThis is the whole body approach to vocal massage, when the whole body is relaxed, with a little help you get results in the areas you want it.  I  work on posture, reflexes, detox work, diaphragm, back, chest, neck, larynx, facial muscles, and nervous system.  Step by step progress for long term results

Holistic Massage