A regular mindfulness practice is healthy, beautiful, and life changing.  It supports healthy thought pattens, teaches you ways of releasing pressure and stress.  

What if good mental health was part of everyday life. Mindfulness and work, Mindfulness and lunch, Mindfulness and worship, Mindfulness and cleaning, Mindfulness at bedtime, Mindfulness and driving. Mindfulness not as something we do when we have time, or when we are overwhelmed and stressed here and there, but as the way we live and work. Naturally woven into our daily life and culture of our life.

Good mental health is a journey, and in this fast-changing world we can never take our mental and emotional wellbeing for granted.

For generations healthy living has been taught as healthy eating and healthy exercise. We missed teaching about the healthy mind and learning how to build mental and emotional resilience. Many people think Mindfulness is simply learning to still the mind, but that is only a beginning. Mindfulness is about learning to engaging in life from a different perspective.

Do you want the tools and skills to support good mental health?

Are you committed to good mental health in?

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Cathy is trained by the Mindfulness Association to teach the MBLC - (Mindfulness Based Living Course), and works to national guidelines.

Cathy does one to one sessions, group sessions and retreats.  Please call or email for more information. 

Free teaching and recorded meditations

Mindfulness in difficult times.