A regular mindfulness practice is healthy, beautiful, and life changing.  It supports healthy thought pattens, teaches you ways of releasing pressure and stress.  

Over many years when we heard people talk about healthy living, we heard them talk about healthy eating and exercise.  Well, I want to tell you about the importance of healthy relaxation and rest, healthy thought patterns and processes.

Mindfulness isn't about giving someone else control of your mind, it is about giving you more control of your own mind. How often does your mind wander, or do you struggle with that nagging worry?  Mindfulness is training your mind in healthy ways of dealing with pressure and stress.

Cathy is trained by the Mindfulness Association to teach the MBLC - (Mindfulness Based Living Course), and works to national guidelines.

I do one to one sessions, group sessions and retreats.  Please contact me for more information. 

Free teaching and recorded meditations - Mindfulness in difficult times.  Join me now.