Massage for Good Mental Health

Touch and Massage is a powerful language that speaks to the whole person.  It can bypass the ‘conscious’ mind to touch the ‘unconscious’ mind.

I use Rocking, Compression, Stroking, Rhythm, Mindfulness, Gentle, Calm, Kindness and the flow of the natural energy of the body.  Using the way, the body and mind works together for good mental health.  This massage builds emotional and mental resilience.

Don’t under-estimate the power of all these tools together, this is the way our bodies were made to work.

Rocking - How a mother will gently rock a crying baby soothing and calming both her and the child.

Stroking – If someone is sat stroking a cat or a pet, they say it can lower your blood pressure.  What if that was a person?

Mindfulness – The mind is the most powerful part of the body.  All our muscles are released and tightened from this place.  Bad habitual posture comes from here.  What if our mind were to start noticing how it wanted to be, not just where life and habitual patterns take it?  We can choose in so many areas of our life if we just know how, if we notice and are aware. Physically, Emotionally, our Energy, Mentally and Spiritually, working with the whole person not just one part.

Rhythm – The whole earth is built on rhythm, from our heartbeat to the seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.  From the reproductive cycle, to a healthy sleeping pattern, from flowers growing in the summer and dying back in the winter.  Rhythm is a powerful natural force we use in Massage.

Compression – That gentle hug, that nonsexual touch of a loving Mother, Aunt or Grandma.  That squeeze that reassures you.

Gentle, Calm, Kindness – Touch that speaks to the whole person, there is the saying “actions speak louder than words”!  We can speak to someone gently, calmly and with kindness, but to touch someone’s life with gentleness, calmness and kindness, it’s like the difference between running out of the house and shouting up the stairs “I love you”, to stopping, holding someone’s arm and looking them in the eye and telling them “I love you”.  We say the same thing, but the two feel so different.

The natural flow of energy flowing through your body – We all have a natural flow of energy, our hearts beat, but we don’t plug ourselves into the wall!  That is the energy I talk about.  That electrical pulse that makes your heartbeat.  But when you put two electrical pulses together, they react to each other.  Have you ever touched a car door and got a static shock, or rubbed a piece of nylon material and the static makes it stick to your hand?  Well in a massage there are two people with an electrical pulse, two heartbeats, beating together.  I use the natural energy of my body to partner with the natural energy of your body.  Speaking clearly to the whole body and the whole person, using no words at all.

I use Compression, Rocking, Stroking, Rhythm, Gentle, Calm, Kind Touch, Mindfulness, and the natural energy of the body, to partner with you, and support you in seeing the change you are looking for.

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