Why Learn NO HANDS  Massage?

With Cathy Ward Licenced Instructor of NO HANDS Massage
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Flash News

As part of the NO HANDS Strain free Massage Courses, we are now teaching “Trauma informed Massage” right from the beginning, all included in the price.  Enabling us to work with the growing mental health problem in our country right now.

It allows us to work more effectively with stress, anxiety, depression, and enables us to better understand how we store this in the body.  Learning how the body and mind work together for good mental health, and how we can use massage to build mental and emotional resilience.

Enabling us to meet the needs of our clients more fully, and so build a more stable business.


The expertise of many Body Workers, Psychotherapists, Mindfulness Teachers, Nurses, Medical Professionals, and Therapists from all different backgrounds all put together by top trainers. 

With Gerry Pyves, Psychotherapist, Bodyworker and Founder of NO HANDS Massage leading the way.

New Dates
Transforming Touch
25th- 27th Feb
Practitioner Course
6th-8th May
10th-12th June

If I caught Covid, the course would roll over onto the next weekend listed and the extra date at the end would be 1st-3rd July 2022.  If you caught covid, we may roll over to the next date, or you would be invited to join the next course.


I run 4 courses
  • The Dynamics of depth
  • Transforming Touch
  • Practitioner 
  • Refresh and renew
  • Student comments

Top training for No strain massage in the UK. Protecting your career and your livelihood.

NO HANDS is the top and most extensive strain free massage training in the U.K. Other forms of no strain massage can be about protecting your hands, but in protecting your hands you can damage and strain your shoulders, back and other areas of the body through wrong posture. But in NO HANDS we teach true no strain massage, that protects your hands shoulders, and back. Great for event work, but also amazing for a full day's work in the clinic or therapy room. Protecting your career for life. My goal is to love my work until I retire, and maybe beyond.

Why work in isolation when you can be part of a strong supportive community?

The NO HANDS community is a strong and supportive community, and in all the associations I have been a part of, I have never seen anything like this. Business ideas are shared, advice can be sought on a whole range of subjects from how to deal with that difficult client, to that client with the illness you have never heard off. Within an hour top therapists from around the country can be discussing, supporting, and advising. There is no better way to make a well informed decision. Also there is a Master Therapist on the end of a phone Monday to Friday. Many Therapists work in isolation in their own therapy room. But as a community we train together, support each other at events, and work as a team to build our businesses strong and often will chat between Massages. There is strength in working together.

"Enjoyed every lesson, can’t wait to come back"

I teach from a business perspective, what really works in business and brings the clients in.

Many Massage teachers and tutors teach from the classroom environment, but have never run their own business. But what is right for the classroom is not always what works in business. I have my own Massage business and teach from a working knowledge of what really does work. I don't have all the answers, but I have a lot of answers that work, and can discuss the pros and cons of different ideas, and if I'd use them in my business. I don't just teach massage but running a business, setting up a business, and bringing in the clients.

I actively engage in learning to keep my work fresh and fun.

Also as an instructor I commit to growing and learning and stretching myself, to be even better for my clients, and have more to give my students. I'm not teaching you what I learnt once 20 years ago and passing that on. I actively engage in learning, forums, and work alongside other top therapists around the country with the same passion for Massage.
My work is not stale and boring, not my Massage business, not my Massage, nor my teaching. My work has passion and energy, and shows a love of what I do. I keep my love for Massage is fresh and fun.

"Really enjoyed being part of the group and felt safe to share"

And clients love it!
The clients love NO HANDS, the “gentle giant of massage”! Being able to go deep without the pain, the different and varied ways we can work, from deep to light, fast to slow, from structural to nurturing. One of my clients left me because she couldn't get booked in easily within a week, whenever she wanted. Two months later she was back, doubled the number of massages she had, and agreed to book in advance. Most of my regular clients drive between 30 minutes and an hour and a half to get to me.

Past students comments

From the outset Cathy exudes the confidence and knowledge needed from a great tutor imparting their skill to others.

Although my skill level and experience was different to Cathy’s I felt equally respected, and the challenges I faced to learn new techniques were overcome through her patience and unique teaching style.

In a relaxed atmosphere Cathy manages to exert a strong sense of professionalism which facilitates learning because everyone is clear on boundaries and expectations.

Cathy is a clear leader and explains the method of NO HANDS in a sensible, reasoned way which makes what we learn come easier than expected.

We are lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn NO HANDS from someone with such faith in herself and what she offers her clients and students.

Gemma Dobson