Indian Head Massage

This Massage can be done using beautiful luxurious essential oils, or if you are having it done through the day, it can be done as a dry massage without the oils, using just the powerful movements to simulate blood flow to the head.


The ancient art of Indian Head Massage has been practiced over thousands of years, and is still being practised very much today, usually taking place in market squares, street corners and on the beach.

Family members take it in turns to perform massage, by which they can all enjoy and benefit.  When used in conjunction with aromatic oils, the head massage is believed to have important medical functions.

Massaging the scalp stimulates blood flow, supplying fresh nutrients to the hair follicles, and supports the growth of healthy hair. 

By removing the tension from the head, it is also an invaluable treatment for day to day stress-related problems.  It can be used in the office environment and is a comprehensive remedy for stress and tension within the office, leaving you feeling relaxed and alert


This is a beautiful treatment, that can be done in half an hour, and can also be taken into the work place, given in slots of 10 minutes or so.