If coming by car, please don't bring your car onto the street.

There is a car park at the back of the house, and more parking to the side.  To get to this parking you need to access it by "Brackendale" (rather than Brackendale Grove)  if you are using a sat-nav, please put this address in.

Brackendale (use any low number if sat-nav asks for a number)

BD10 0SJ

As you drive on to "Brackendale" first thing on your left is the car park you can park there, or if you just drive past the car park there is a wooden fence on the left, you can park beside the wooden fence.

If you walk just past the short fence there is a gap through a dry stone wall straight on to Brackendale Grove.  We are number 24, which is the first house just on the other side of the wooden fence you have just passed.  Depending on where you park, it is 20-50 yards from our door.

See the map for more directions.

My address

24 Brackendale Grove



The nearest station is Shipley Station, but the Bradford Interchange is also reasonably close and both have a direct bus from the station to the house (612).

If you ask to get off the bus just after Thackley Corner, or just before Thackley corner depending which station you are coming from, or at the Shoulder of Mutton on Leeds Road. 

Right next to the bus stop there is a walk way leading to Ballantyne Road, the venue is a 4 minute walk from the bus stop. 

Please check out the map below for more directions.