Creative Mindfulness

Being in that present moment, free to be who you are, may be using what you love to support your mindfulness practice. or experimenting with being creative.  We make space for both. 

I believe everyone is creative, and sometimes we need to learn to value and look at our work in a fresh way.  Promoting the uniquness in each person, sometimes it is about the creative process more than the finished product.  But each piece of work is different.

For many of us being creative is something we have not been encouraged to explore, and sometimes in certain enviroments it has been crushed by someone who thought creativness looked a certain way.

People learn to be creative and express themselves in so many different ways, and in this session space is given for people to experiment,

I like to give space to many different ways of being creative, pottery, sewing, patchwork, embroidery, felting, drawing, doodling, painting, knitting, crochet, poetery, writing, if someone wanted to use movement and dance, that would be fine too.  

Much of the resources are provided, but if there is something people want to focus on, people are welcome to bring their own work and things.

There will be an area set up in each session for meditation, and people will be able to dip in and out of the practices, with different areas of the room focusing on different activites.  If there is a particular activity you wish to be involved in, or you are bringing something with you, please can you mention this while booking to ensure we make space for you.

While there will be some space to learn how to do something this is not an art class where you learn new skills, though we do aim that everyone if they wish is able to do something in each activity.