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The Dynamics of Depth – Introductory day

On the INTRODUCTORY DAY (1 day) we cover some of the core teaching of NO HANDS, a real growing edge, that I believe any massage therapist can take back into their work, whatever form of massage they do and see positive change in their work, in both themselves and in their clients.
We also look at and teach you how we move in NO HANDS Massage in a way that works for the client, and causes the therapist no strain, protecting your back, shoulders, and hands.  How to use your body weight rather than pressure, and the importance of posture.
We teach you a clothed back massage using what you have just learnt.  When I first trained I used this at an event, a lady who I owed a favoured to, was running an event and wanted a massage therapist.  I knew at this sort of event if I used my hands I would be struggling by the end of the day.  So, a week after my training I used what I learnt on this course and everyone I worked on booked with the local therapist after, bar one person, who already had regular massage with someone else (I lived too far away for them to come to me). This work can certainly be used in corporate work, and event work, and I use it daily in my Therapy Room as part of a massage.
We also explore the dynamics between using light work and deeper work and how working between the 2 brings a power and an edge to our work.
This course is really so you can get a taste of what we do, and how we work, without big spending.  But there is still so much to be learnt.

"Loved it, thank you Cathy!"

Transforming Touch – Our flagship course

The next course is the TRANSFORMATIONAL TOUCH (3 day) course.  This is all the core learning of NO HANDS Massage.  On this course you learn everything you need to be able to develop this practice yourself, or go onto the next course and use the work and knowledge of others to develop your practice and learning faster. 
Many NO HANDS Therapists will repeat this course regularly, to strengthen their practice and learning.
On this course you will learn a full body massage, shoulders, back, legs and feet.  We cover both oiled work and dry clothed work.

"Couldn’t fault the organisation."

Practitioner Course – Become a NO HANDS practitioner

Then there is the PRACTITIONER (2x 3 days, making 6 days in total) course.  On this course you will develop what you learnt on the Transformational Touch course.  We do oiled and clothed dry work so we can do events and corporate work, as well as oiled work in our Therapy Room.  We also look at different types of massage, on leaving you will have learnt how to do no strain NO HANDS massage in
Full body Structural massage,
Full body Nurturing massage,
Head face and Neck massage,
Back massage,
Foot massage
and then there is the clothed work, and corporate work.
We also talk about business, and business building.
At the end of this course you will be given a business building pack, a minimum of 6 months free membership of the NO HANDS Association, which has an amazing bank of resource, plus a strong support network, and after the Practitioner course you will be able to use the NO HANDS brand and name in your work.

"Highly engaging"

Refresh and Renew Days – keep up to date

These days are designed to keep you up to date, keep your work fresh, answer questions and queries, develop good practice, check your working strain free, and take you back to your foundations, and core learning

  • Transforming Touch Day

  • Full Body  (including or focusing on the 7 rolling pins)

  • Face and Foot Treatments

Past students comments

Cathy is an amazing mentor and teacher. She has an unlimited amount of patience with explaining and assisting, and is non-judging, very encouraging, positive and supportive.

Cathy is welcoming and very attentive, she has been an absolute pleasure to work and learn from.

Cathy is approachable and makes you feel at ease. Nothing is too much for her. She thoroughly enjoys and has a passion for her work and she is happy to share and gives everything. I would and will not hesitate to work and do more courses with her.

I would not have achieved my NO HANDS without the one and only Cathy Ward.

Thank you so much.

Rebecca Brewer


All courses can be paid for in full, or in monthly instalments.  Contact me for more details on, or call on 07886755061.  Please be ready to leave a message, because if I’m with a client I can’t leave them, or text me, and I will call you when I am free.

Dynamics of Depth – A 1 day introductory taster day  -  £100

For a days training and experience a NO HANDS massage with me  -  £125

(the massage will be on a different day)


Transforming Touch Course – 3 day foundation training  -  £300


Practitioner Course – 6 day training  -  £600


Two course Deal  -  Transforming Touch, and Practitioner  -  £700

(only when booked at the same time)


Refresh and Renew Days  -  1 day refresher courses  - £100

These days can be done at any point after qualifying at Practitioner level covering various strokes and topics listed below.


All prices are subject to change.