Aromatherapy Massage

Traditionally, an aromatherapy massage is a slow luxurious massage, using luxurious healing, beautifully scented essential oils.  I am happy to make a blend of oils to go with any massage I do.  The health benefits of using essential oils are known to be significant.

There are some examples below, but there are many more uses.

Lemon - supports the respiratory system

Peppermint - support digestive system

Rosemary - stimulates the memory

YlangYlang - great for healthy hair

Tea Tree - for skin problems

Lavender - balances the body, many uses

Frankincense - for immune system

Clary Sage - supports hormonal system

Bergamot - emotional balance

Patchouli - for healthy skin

I use Young living oils, which are therapeutic grade oils.  Many cheaper essential oils people buy have been diluted with cheap carrier oils to increase profit margins, and most are over distilled for a sweeter scent, but means much of the therapeutic value has been burnt away (it's like over cooking your vegetables and losing a lot of the nutritional value).  To get the real benefit from essential oils, you really need to know what's in the bottle!  I buy my oils straight from the grower, and they have a seed to seal guarantee.  I can guarantee quality and purity.