How do you use essential oils to support everyday healthy living?


Using Young Living oils is about the integrity of my business.  Many cheaper essential oils people buy have been diluted with cheap carrier oils to increase profit margins, and most are over-distilled for a sweeter scent, but it means much of the therapeutic value has been burnt away (it's like over cooking your vegetables and losing a lot of the nutritional value).  To get the real benefit from essential oils, you really need to know what's in the bottle!  I buy my oils straight from the grower, and they have a seed to seal guarantee.  I can guarantee quality and purity.

Diffuse them into the air, diluted you can rub them on your skin, use them in the bath, make your own products, it's so easy.


I would be happy to run a class for you and talk to you about the amazing things you can do with essential oils, and essential oil safety.

Take a look at the starter kit, it's an amazing deal with everything you need in it, to get yourself going.  Use the button on your right to find out more.