Mindfulness in difficult times

Welcome to this series of Meditations on learning to use Mindfulness in difficult seasons in your life. 

With each teaching I will provide shorter Meditation and slightly longer one, feel free to use what is right for you each day. 

Try and be consistant in doing each practice everyday for 10-14 days, but don't tell yourself off if you miss a day.  We don't want to let judgment and disappointment in, and we don't want to start an emotional battle of will-power.  But make your practice important to you, know why it's important to you, remind yourself why it is important to you.


Please remember this is just the start of your learning, or part of your journey.  Mindful living is like staying fit, when you stop moving forward it all goes to pot!!  So take it slowly and steady, one step at a time.

So what is this about?  What is Mindfulness about?  Will it work for me?  Watch the teaching videos, and experiment with the meditations.  You decide.

To learn what it means to think and feel with the whole of who we are, we need to notice ourselves, and how our body, mind and emotions work together.

Body ScanCathy Ward
00:00 / 21:24
Longer Body ScanCathy Ward
00:00 / 45:36

We can relax or tighten every muscle in our body from the mind, by the way we choose to live.  To look after our bodies, we also need to look after our mind.  

Short Gentle MovementCathy Ward
00:00 / 22:06
Longer Stretching And MovementCathy Ward
00:00 / 39:21

Sometimes no amount of thinking and words can change what has happened.  But learning to use the natural way our body was created to soothe, calm, and ground us.

Experimental Primal Movement Meditation.Cathy Ward
00:00 / 30:27
Primal Movement Meditation **Cathy Ward
00:00 / 32:20

Kindness as the antidote to isolation, give it a try, I was shocked how it worked.  Amongst all my pain there was a tiny seed of kindness and when I cultivated it, it grew.

short kindness meditationCathy Ward
00:00 / 21:34
long kindness meditationCathy Ward
00:00 / 34:04
Short Circles MeditationCathy Ward
00:00 / 20:51
We don't need to throw ourselves out into the world again, and tell ourselves to get on with it.  We can uncurl ourselves emotionally and open ourselves again with kindness and gentleness.  In that safe space we can create for ourselves.
Explore and stretch our emotions with kindness and curiousity.
Longer Circles MeditationCathy Ward
00:00 / 36:35
short contrast meditationCathy Ward
00:00 / 15:57
longer contrast meditationCathy Ward
00:00 / 29:35

We can use exercise to help get rid of pent up energy; our heart beats faster, our blood flows round our body faster.  Then we stop, cool down, our heart starts to slow down, and the flow of energy slows down. 

Take a moment to notice how you feel, and use the momentum of your body slowing down, to help your mind slow down to stillness. Let the moment draw you in, using the power of your own body.