Over the years, my life has changed from “living in the fast lane”, a life constantly speeding up, I felt like I had lost control.  Other people’s expectations controlled me.  My life was mapped out ahead of me, and I was being swept along.  Sucked into a life, and way of living, so fast, I hardly noticed it wasn’t what I wanted.

Through doing Massage, receiving Massage, and practicing Mindfulness, I have stepped out of a life where I was dying inside, and step into a life where I notice me, I notice who I am, and who I want to be.  Being the person I was created to be moment by moment, it changed my life and my relationships.

Who I am, and the “Cathy” I give to my family and friends, depends on how I value myself, me looking after me, and the richness and care I give to my own life.  I want to give them richness in love, peace, and happiness, but how can I do that if that’s not what’s in me. These are things money just cannot buy, more important than a big house, flash car, and holiday.  This is about me finding true happiness and fulfilment in every day.

If we look after that inner person, we allow the positive and beautiful person inside to develop and grow.  We learn to push aside the things that weigh us down, let go of the voice inside that can be so critical, give ourselves the space to let go of the stress and pressure, and value who we are.

To truly love others, we have to love ourselves first. Everything I do at "The Fragrance of Life" is about helping you valuing you, giving you that space to enjoy just being the beautiful person that you are, and you letting that beauty out to share with the people close to you.

Mindfulness Association

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  • Compassion Training

NO HANDS Massage Association member

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Well Mother Diploma in Pregnancy Massage (Distinction)

Level 3 in Aromatherapy and Massage

Certificate in Vocal Massage

Certificate in Indian Head Massage